Who we are

Who we are

The first Seafood Burger Joint in Padua was created from the principle of the fusion of street food with classic restaurant style, a union of tradition and innovation.

The Squid: a new way to eat fish in padua

The squid bases its origins in the intention to bring the best fish from Venetian and Mediterranean boats and not only to the city.

when a fish is transformed into a burger it generates a taste explosion and this is called a fish burger!

Why stick to tradition when with extremely high-quality raw ingredients it is possible to do something extraordinary? Our philosophy, called Fish Experience: savouring the best fish with unique flavour combinations, crossing classic tastes with modern aromas, in a completely new style that is for everyone, is born from the union of experience in the sector and seafood products.

fish burger, and not only

Our soul is forever bound to the sea, but in our heart there is also space for our roots and many other ingredients, each one researched and selected to produce only dishes with genuine, innovative and surprising flavour.

In summary, in a few words, The Squid: a simple way to taste the sea.

are you ready to try your first fish experience?

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