Our attention towards the raw ingredients is, to say the least, well researched: we select only the best products from our trusted suppliers, in a way to give the true flavour of genuineness to each dish.

It goes without saying that the main ingredient in all of our dishes is high-quality and fresh seafood, the true soul of the Fish Experience and of The Squid.

Respect of the ingredients

Decades of years of experience in the sector of seafood products gives us the necessary knowledge of the market for the research of ever better raw ingredients and the experience in the processes and in the cooking of the product.

To respect the ingredients and the HACCP regulations, the seafood products at The Squid are cooked and treated so as to offer all the security and flavour that you can give to high-quality seafood.

But our dedication doesn’t stop here! The attentive research into the raw ingredients develops in all of the ingredients, from the fruit and vegetables to the artisan bread, from the best Italian cheeses to the creation of the homemade desserts and jams from scratch.

and now are you ready to discover all of our dishes?


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